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Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo Haiku: Natural Red -- 5 of 7

Radiant peaks...
Smiling lips shine,
Warming grass.
Image courtesy of abbywinters.com, via Daily Redhead.


  1. I'm lovin' your photos and haikus. I've only posted one haiku on my blog but you're inspiring me to start again. ;-)


  2. That is it. I am dying my hair ("up there", I should add in light of this woman's pose) red. You have inspired me to do so with all of these lovely haikus.

  3. Thanks, CP! I'd love to see more of your haiku. It's such a fun poetic form!

    Thanks, Pink! Alas, you still wouldn't fit the "Natural Red" theme, though. ;) I have a better idea: someday I'll put together a series "Tall, Frizzy Blondes".

  4. Haha...PERFECT! With hair shaped like butt cheeks. :P

    You let me know if you need photos..perhaps I can dig some up from the early 90s!

  5. A happy picture with a happy haiku, loved it!

  6. Thanks, R! I did really like her smile (the one on her face, I mean).