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About this blog...

An ant lifts a crumb...
Yet another spanko blog.
I hope you enjoy.

I have no grand plan for this site.  I was lured to blogging by the same siren that I imagine has captured so many others: the appeal of having one's own creative outlet. Back in July, somewhat impulsively, I pulled the trigger.  And so here we are.  Now I just hope I don't crash against the rocks.

So far at least, the content on this site is a mix of heavily, but not exclusively, spanking-themed poetry and prose.  If you are new to the site, then I recommend you start with my attempts at humor, especially "Shakespeare was a Spanko" and "Cooking Lessons."  If you are looking for something a lot shorter and a bit heavier, then I would steer you toward my Ekphrassis series.  If you're familiar with Flash Fiction Friday, then you might enjoy my attempts.  Lastly, if you like poetry, then we have some of that for you here too.

I really don't plan on blogging about my personal life--largely because I'm quite sure you would find it boring.  Nevertheless, I understand that it enhances your experience to know a little bit about the author--at least that's how I feel as a blog reader. So...

About me...

I am a man.
     a thirty-something man.
     a nice man.
     a geek.
     a lover of the mind.
             of language.
             of the way words can cattle-prod neurons.
             of women.
             of the female body.
             of the female bottom.
             of the feminine voice.
             of wine.
             of food.
             of the pleasures of the body.
             of the warmth of flesh.
             of the scent of skin.
             of sex.
             of spanking.
             of power exchange.
             of the psychology of surrender.
             of challenges to the mind.
                           to the body.
  to the soul.

If I have yet to scare you off and if you would like to get to know me better, then I encourage you to contact me via email or through any of the social networking sites below (listed in order of my current involvement):

Yahoo chat (dioneo.daspanca)
Spankolife (Dioneo)
Facebook   (Dioneo Daspanca)
Spanko.net (Dioneo)
FetLife    (Dioneo_D)