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Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Haiku: Chilled Aphrodite

Chilled Aphrodite—
Let me give warmth to your skin
And life to your lust.

Photo courtesy of Stooopid Things! via Daily Redhead, original author unknown.


  1. Her surroundings make me shiver. It was six degrees in my neck of the woods. Giving warmth to her skin and life to her lust, I'm sure will be very much appreciated.

  2. Simple and beautiful...and she needs all the warmth you can give!

  3. Thanks, Sweets! The weather here too was certainly an inspiration for this week's post. The cold is all the more reason to find someone to cuddle up with...naked, of course.

    Thanks, Pink! She does indeed. I hope their was a nice person waiting with open arms (and a blanket) for her after this shoot.

  4. Very Nice Haiku, I bet she ran into somebodies waiting arms...

  5. Thanks, 1manview! I certainly hope so. I'd definitely volunteer to be the one she ran to!