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Friday, February 4, 2011

I must be seeing things again...

The snow must be getting to me...
Or maybe it's being cooped up indoors...
Or having to navigate the icy roads...

Whatever it is, I have a pronounced desire to thoroughly spank the goddess of snow.  Have you seen that naughty Snowzilla?

  • Cloud photo courtesy of NASA's GOES-13 satellite.
  • Naughty girl photo used for bump map courtesy of Ciao Bella.
  • Composition by Dioneo Daspanca.


  1. Your eyesight is fine, Dioneo. I see that Snowzilla clearly. Naughty girl needs to stop with the snow and I think we need to team up to stop her.

  2. Thanks, Pink! I'm glad I'm not crazy (well, maybe still). Agreed, let's double-up on her. You take the cheeks East of the Mississippi and I'll take the one West. Be careful, she's generating a lot of moisture already.

    Thanks, Sweets! You want to get in a few whacks on her too?

  3. LOL!! Erm..maybe I should not be laughing to loudly, especially sitting in sunny South Africa where the average temperature for the past week in Johannesburg was about 28 degrees Celcius (No, I do not know the Fahrenheit conversion thingy, but trust me, it is much hotter...grin)

  4. Thanks, Raven! But it's summer down in the Southern hemisphere now, right? (spanko metaphor not intended) By the way, 28C is 82.4F, which sounds just lovely to me! (we're about -20C right now)