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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun with Memes #1

...because why the hell not?

Every spanker should have this poster on his wall as a reminder:

And maybe keep this one in his pocket for handy reference:

This one isn't really an internet meme...yet.



  1. I agree with meme #1 :D And that handy pocket guide is too funny!!

  2. (snort) Some flowchart about ENDING a spanking...everything points to "continue" or "proceed"! :-Þ

  3. I'm not sure if my first comment went through or not. If yes, please delete this one. Just wanted to say I love this post! Just too funny! ;-)

  4. Damn...Picture 1, there goes my excuse straight out of the window of being a good girl.
    Picture 2 - now there are so many things wrong with that, I am not quite sure where to begin - but it will be from a very safe distance though (GRIN)
    Picture 3 - closed my eyes, and moved on to comments...



  5. Another creative, artful and witty post, Dioneo, just another day in 'Ecce Spanko' world.

    Totally agree about the poster but would also put it on the wall of every spankee's room.

    Your flow chart is pure gold, and I ain't talkin' ginger gold. This is a must for all spanking aficionados.

    Love the 'Simpsons' riff, and much prefer this naughty young lady writing lines than Bart Simpson.

    Wonderful work all around, Dioneo.

  6. Thanks, Rayne! I figured #1 was a position we could all get behind.

    Thanks, Erica! But you see, I did specify "to end a *hand* spanking". Clearly this chart is a small part of a larger instruction set.

    Thanks, Sweets! Your first didn't show up, but no worries. I'm glad you enjoyed these!

    Thanks, Raven! Don't worry, there's still reason to be good. We all know how good-girl spankings differ from bad-girl spankings.

    Thanks, Michael! I don't think any spankees would object to getting a copy of #1, but it should be part of pair of posters (I'm sure you can envision the other one). #3 is more of a proof-of-concept. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with that naughty young lady at the chalkboard.

  7. I recommend highly the theory of a naughty woman writing on the blackboard, with her knickers down, showing her bare bottom. Because if she were to make a mistake, her naked rear end would be easily excessible to feel the pain of a cane.

  8. Thanks, Sixofthebest, that sounds like a theory to which we can all subscribe!

  9. The flow chart is wonderful.

  10. Thanks, Hedone! I hope it helps spankers and spankees alike to give or get the spanking they need.

  11. "But you shall receive 'six or more" strokes of a cane on you knickers down bare bottom, for having stolen school property". said the headmaster. And he meant every word of which he just spoke.