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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look at it this way...

When you get out of bed and the skin-piercing chill makes you regret it,
When you look out the window and the whitewashed street makes you squint,

When the door fights you as you try to leave,
When the sidewalk fights you as you try to walk,

When your stomach drops as your car doesn't start at first,
When your heart stops as your tires lose traction for a second,

When, in crawling traffic, you want to jump out of your car,
When, at your destination, you want only to stay in,

When the sight of snow makes your back hurt...

Remember that these snows replenish our lakes,
Remember that these snows protect the roots of our trees,

Think of the kids that will run wide-eyed into the abundance,
And think of the angels and astronauts who can marvel at the sight from the heavens.

Photo courtesy of NASA's GOES-13 satellite.


  1. That is quite an impressive picture.

  2. When you put it that way... I can't complain. Lovely.

  3. I'd be more persuaded if it lacked such abundance. But am duly reminded. Thanks.

  4. Thanks, Kirsti, I took it myself! Okay, that's a lie. ;)

    Thanks, Sweets! I've done my share of complaining about the weather over the past couple of days too. But it is pretty...for the time being.

    Thanks, B'Man! Yes, I prefer my sidewalk to have a bit less abundance of the stuff too. My back and legs ache right now just thinking about that abundance.