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Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Photo Haiku: Not Too Subtle

Somewhere in the tale,
Lips moistened, she figures out
What you have in mind.

Photo courtesy of Erooups, via Human Error.


  1. Looks like she has a light bulb moment once she's figured out what he has in mind. Looks like she agrees with what he's thinking. ;-)

  2. No, I would have to agree that subtlety is not this young woman's strong suit.


  3. That's one of those I am so gonna fuck you looks.

  4. Somewhere in the tale.. Mmm.. Cleaver Haiku..

  5. Thanks, Sweets! I think she's trying to figure out how to one-up his intentions.

    Thanks, Carla! We'll just have to work on that with her. She's in a perfect position for some learnin'.

    Thanks, Kirsti! Indeed, that may even be a I'm-gonna-fuck-you-twice-whether-you-can-stand it-or-not looks.

    Thanks, 1manview! Are you implying something about homonyms? Hmm... :)

  6. That is a perfect haiku for the look on her face (and her positioning). Well done, Dioneo!

  7. You can't be subtle when dealing with some men. Just sayin'.

  8. Thanks, Pink! As much as I love the look on her face, I can't help but wish the camera would revolve around her a bit to get a shot of the other end. Mmmm...

    Thanks, Lea! I definitely agree--especially when y'all give us looks like this lady is giving. From that point on, there's no blood left in the brain (it's all gone on to better things), so we need simple cues.

    Thanks, MarQe! Yes, and if she really understands his intentions, she'll be slowly sliding them down soon.

  9. All the expression is in her eyes, the rest of her face is totally blank - to emphasis the "look", lovely!

  10. Thanks, Wordsmith! Those eyes are piercing indeed, but I like the mouth as well. You can tell that she's on the cusp of a smile--another instant, and he'll know that she's enthusiastic about what's to come.