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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grapes and Pine Cones

Care to ponder for a bit about symbolism in erotic photography?

Rather than put up another lame "I'm too busy to think of anything creative" post--not that I won't do so again in the near future--I thought that this would be a good opportunity to introduce some interactivity to Ecce Spanko. I came across these two photographs while tumblring and I'm wondering about the grapes and the pine cones. Grapes and pine cones appear in non-erotic art with symbolic meaning, but I don't see an obvious meaning in an erotic context—as opposed to bananas and cherries, for example. Now, I'm really not one that thinks art has to have meaning to be good. Nevertheless, I'm curious.

So what do you think? Use your imagination. There's no right or wrong here, so have some fun with it.



  1. i'm thinking the grapes signify something sweet, a sweet-tasting puss... or inviting a lover to come nibble on something sweet... and the acorns would indicate au natural as in her birthday suit.

    ~Sweets (who just made this up)

  2. I don't have anything on the pine cones... other than they lend a more earthy, sexiness in nature kind of vibe.

    But the grapes.... I've always associated them with fertility, playfulness, intoxication (a la Dionysus or Bacchus but extending into a "joyful life is intoxicating" sort of thing). Probably not what the photographer had in mind, but it's where my mind is drawn to :-)

  3. Thanks, Sweets! I like your "sweet and juicy" interpretation. Like a bowl of grapes, it's hard not to go back again and again once you've had a taste. The lady with the pine cones certainly seems to be enjoying the natural world. I love the contrast in the photo between the jagged roughness of the cones and the softness and smoothness of her bottom.

    Thanks, Ida! I like the wine connection. The aroma, the texture, the taste...yes, intoxicating indeed. Could fertility also be represented by the pine cones? Are they not just seeds waiting to be planted?