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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Photo Haiku: Communication

Her struggle complete,
She waits nervously, hoping
He'd get the message.

Photo by Zoe Grayson, via Scandal Guy.


  1. What? That she would like a sandwich, please and thank you? Or a foot rub? I don't get it.


  2. He could just use the red pen and colour things in a bit...oh alright, the old ways are the best ;-)

  3. That's one talented girl to write on her backside that legible. :P

  4. Thanks, Kirsti! It would indeed be hard to miss, unless he's distracted by what's between. You'd be surprised at what we're capable of when the little head takes all the blood from the big head.

    Thanks, Pink! Well, I suppose it would still be a bit subtle to a blonde. :p (Totally kidding, but you set yourself up for that one.)

    Thanks, Wordsmith! Indeed, painting with a thicker brush works better in such cases.

    Thanks, Katia! I agree, such lovely penmanship! She must really know her way around her ass.

  5. Hard to miss the message that's written in nice large letters... hehe ..
    Nice Haiku too..

  6. Thanks, 1manview! True, but he may be blinded by the canvas.