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Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Photo Haiku: You're Welcome

Like a good neighbor,
She opens her doors and asks,
"Will you stay for lunch?"

Photo courtesy Michelle7, via Art or Porn?.


  1. Lovely photo and wonderful haiku, Dioneo. This has motivated me to make the rounds of my neighborhood dropping in on all the ladies.

  2. Oh this is very good...the haiku and the look on her face.

  3. We should all have good neighbors. ;-)

  4. Thanks, Michael! I hope you find plenty of warm meals.

    Thanks, Hedone! Yes, those eyes are especially erotic.

    Thanks, Wordsmith! Yes, and that hair! Yum...

    Thanks, Sweets! If we all had neighbors like this, there would be far fewer fences.

  5. Damn TV ads for making my mind go to "State Farm is there!" after reading that first line...

  6. Thanks, Lea! I admit, that ditty kind of inspired this one, because I couldn't get the freakin' thing out of my head when I was trying to write. Grrr...effective advertisers...

    Welcome to the site, Lea! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  7. My mind went where Lea's did!

    Love these Haiku's of yours.

  8. Thanks, Kirsti! You probably watch too much mainstream TV--go for more porn. ;)