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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Photo Haiku: Tilling the Field

In the good old days,
Man had time to tend to her
And make her feel loved.

Photo courtesy of Some Favourites, original source unknown.


  1. Man needs to MAKE time to tend to her and make her feel loved again. ;-)

  2. This is so true. We are in such a rush now a days. Love the Haiku...

  3. My "field" could always use some tilling (wink)

  4. Thanks, Sweets! You're absolutely right. Alas, often easier said than done.

    Thanks, 1manview! Yeah, even if we developed technology to extend the day, I'm sure we'd find more ways to fill it.

    Thanks, Kirsti! No problem, let's just stop by my toolshed first. ;)

  5. Yes, in the 'goode olde days, the man in the household would not hesitate, to spank any female member, be she family like his wife, or staff, like the maid. Up would go their dress, down would go their bloomers, and on their bare bottoms, a cane, or birchrod, would painfully warm their naked derriere's. And rightly so.

  6. Thanks, SixOfTheBest! Good old days indeed!