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Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Photo Haiku: Nature Bound

My love of nature
Began that first time she asked
"Wanna play outside?"

Photo by CherriLady, via Palace of the Lustful Kitty.


  1. Very creative.

    I like this a lot!

  2. This is fun! What I enjoyed the most about this picture is the way she's smiling at him, and you captured the spirit of it so well in your haiku : )

  3. I recall all the times I was asked that question in my youth. Funny how the same question today takes on a totally different meaning. :D

  4. Oh my. Realistically, I'd be worried about getting mosquito bites. :-)

  5. My sort of tree hugging :-)

  6. if he asked me to play outside, i'd be a nature-lover, too. love your haiku.

  7. Thanks, Baby Girl, and welcome to the site!

    Thanks, Kirsti! You mean the poem or the girl tied to the tree? ;) I'll take it to mean both.

    Thanks, R! I agree, I love smiles in erotic photography. While an "O"-face and even a pained grimace can be hot as well, nothing beats a smile. And what I really like is that the smiles on both of them look very genuine--they're not just "porn smiles".

    Thanks, Hedone! Definitely, the adults who are happy are those that retain the ability to play. For some, it might be sports or video games, but playful sex is very important to many of us (and I assume most of those who visit this site).

    Thanks, Lea! Being sweet-blooded, I have the same concern. Let's pretend that they're in a dry climate, because I know from experience that mosquitoes can *really* kill the mood.

    Thanks, Wordsmith! Really, if environmentalists would market themselves this way, we'd have this whole global warming thing nixed lickety-split.

    Thanks, Sweets! Yes, I can imagine these two are quite a lot of fun to have on a camping trip.