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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Flash Fiction: The Candles

She wants one more moment in the tub.  She needs once more to feel his presence, if only a fleeting whisper.  Tears meet smile as she relives his touch.  In the soothing warmth of wetness, she remembers riding him in this tub, feeling him deeply in her. She feels him as vividly as she pictures him, his skin glistening in the candlelight--the same candles. She lit them this night, as on eight occasions prior, to remember what the candles' glow was like on their final night together.

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Here was this week's prompt:
Your challenge for this Friday, 9-10-10, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 60-88 words. Here's a phrase for you to use in your submission: "...the candles' glow was like..."
Image "Into Tub" courtesy of Kathy Slamen, via Erotic Flash Fiction.


  1. This. Is. Beautiful.


  2. So glad you rejoined us after a short hiatus! Intensely bittersweet, enfolding and dark, profane and sacred. I particularly loved the idea that this is the ninth in a series of solitary reflections.

    Fascinating stuff. Thanks for joining us this week.

    -- PB

  3. Memory seems to be a common theme this week, and as your piece proves that is certainly not a bad thing. Loved the unique beauty your entry displays.

    Happy FFF!


  4. It is so beautiful, Dioneo...I loved every word, but this line touched my heart "She needs once more to feel his presence, if only a fleeting whisper."

  5. Thank you, CP!

    Thank you, PB! Alas, I can't promise that it will be my last hiatus. Damned real life!

    Thank you, Soren! Memory is indeed a very good thing: it keeps many candles burning.

    Thank you, R! Even so fleeting moments can be a joy.

  6. Sad, lonely, beautiful. The kind of thing that if it went on, you know your breath would catch in your throat just before the tears started.

  7. I've now read two memory pieces this week I think, but they've been very different for all that they're seemingly similar. This one just makes me long for people I miss; there's an ache there in those candles. It's terrible and painful and beautiful and wistful and all that wrapped up in one.

  8. Thanks, Rozewolf! I'm usually not one for tear-jerkers, but this felt right.

    Thanks, Lexi! I agree that "painful and beautiful" things are well captured by the metaphor of a flame.

  9. Very romantic. Makes you want to know more of the story.

  10. Thanks, Laura! It is a quite a story left untold. Alas, there was an 88-word limit. I'd like fill you in on all of it, but rules are rules. ;)