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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Worker bee lands...

Worker bee lands...
Sun warms hydrangea petals
In between rain storms.

In other words, I've been able to devote some time over the past couple of days to finishing up a couple of posts that I've been working on sporadically.  If you haven't totally tuned out of this blog yet, then please stay tuned for what's coming up.  I'll post a repetitive poem tomorrow and I hope to participate in Friday Flash Fiction this week.  Next week, I plan to post a humor piece that has been sitting on the assembly line for some time.  After that, I'll have another post in the Ekphrassis series and soon after another canto of my Ecce Spanko poem.  After that, who the hell knows?

Thank you for your continued patience.


  1. I'm waiting anxiously for your next posts, especially for the Ekphrassis... that are my favorites!

  2. So many things you have in store for us. Awesome. Can't wait! ;-)


  3. Thanks, R! I think I might bump up the next Ekphrassis to early next week.

    Thanks, CP! It feels good to have something to post again.