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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ekphrassis 5 (Felicity)

What a peculiar girl you are. Wherefore this joy of spanking? Do you find happiness in the pain? Assurance in the embarrassment? Do you find liberation in the surrender? You seem to feel most free when over my knee and bound by my arms, most at ease when your tears flood your cheeks and your bottom burns against the air. How strange!

I may not understand its source, but I know happiness when I meet it. You are happy. I can see it in your airborne celebration of nudity and unrestrained submission. I knew you would enjoy getting away for the weekend: away from your apartment, away from your work, away from the grounding constraints of quotidian life. We got in late last night and so I did not have time to reacquaint my hand with your derriere. After a nice fuck, you drifted off to sleep in my arms, perchance to dream of what's to come today.

And now awake, elated, you sing like a robin out for her first flight of the morning. I hope we lack neighbors, else your bouncing and singing are sure to wake them. Then again, they would surely later hear my percutient palms tapping rhythmically against a fleshy timbrel. Would it temper your enthusiasm to know that strangers hear us through the walls? Would you worry with every slap that they knew you were getting a spanking only ten feet away? Would it embarrass you to think that they would envision you draped bare-bottomed over my knee just as you would actually be? If we met them in the hall, would you rush into the room to hide? Or would you just smile at them, and give your tush a light rub after they passed, knowing that they would have turned their heads back to see. I think the latter for sure. After all, our room is next to the parking lot and you haven't bothered to close the shades.

Photo courtesy of Filthy Nacre, original source unknown.


  1. Oh, the joy of spanking... How to explain that?!

    It was really worth the waiting!: )

    Loved this line 'I did not have time to reacquaint my hand with your derriere.'

  2. Let's try this again. I tried to leave a message yesterday but Blogger wasn't cooperating.

    I think she chose the latter, too, in response to the question posed to her. ;-) She didn't bother with the shades? LOL! Another enjoyable reading. I have to find time to go back to the archives and read the stories I've miss. Thanks!


  3. Thank you, R! Regular reunion between hand and bottom is a very good thing.

    Thank you, CP! I agree, for Felicity is definitely a very naughty girl.