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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Haiku: Natural Red -- 7 of 7

Breathing field...
Scents of past encrimsoned,
As she looks forward.
This concludes the "Natural Red" photo-haiku series. I hope that you have enjoyed the series and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

We now return our focus back from red hair to red heinie...

Photo "Ruslana Korshunova" by Mario Sorrenti, via Daily Redhead.


  1. I enjoyed this segment very much and hope there's another photo haiku installment in store for us in the near future. I hope, I hope, I hope... ;-)


  2. I was not a big fan of haikus, but after this I changed my mind!

  3. Thank you, CP! I may have to put together another series soon. I'm so crunched for time that I don't have much else to post.

    Thank you, R! I'm glad I could win you over. Like any other poetic form, there are a lot of good and bad examples out there.