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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Flash Fiction: Stamina

Mangled puppies...Mickey Mouse vomitting...grandma...

I'm on the brink, but I've got to hold off, to resist this most male of all urges.  And you're not making it easier.

As I watch you, I can think only of when you would be kneeling for me alone, taking hold of no other but mine.  You were naked then and kneeling as you sucked me...and cared for me.

No! Throw this from my thoughts!  I can't... I'm going off the cliff!  Fuck it, let me enjoy the fall.


"Aww, Jim!" Trevor cried. "What the fuck, man?  Now how the fuck am I gonna finish it?"  He cast his brush forcefully to the ground.  A collective groan arose from the others.

"Hey, fuck you, dipshit!  Why couldn't you just use a fuckin' camera?"

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Here was this week's prompt:

Your challenge for this Friday, 10-8-10, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 60-90 words. And....let's try this for a required phrase: "...taking hold..."
Image "Chaotic Art 2" by Kajivia Erotic Flash Fiction.


  1. Very Interesting point of view.
    I like it.
    Made it real.
    Thank you.

  2. I have to admit that first line made me go "WHERE the fuck is he going with this?" I shouldn't have doubted, though. You always know exactly what you're doing with these tales.

    I feel bad for the poor bastard, though. How many guys would be able to hold out against a relentless assault like this one? You know all the others were having trouble too. One more reason to use a camera (and just how DID the painter manage to capture this moment, anyway?)

    -- PB

  3. Love it. That glorious attempt to delay the fall then the next moment submitting completely to it.

  4. I would imagine that many men in this situation would feel exactly as our poor protagonist does. You really captured another inner moment of the activity that I think most people pass over. Well done!

  5. Very good! I, too, was curious about the first line, but I knew that an excellent piece would come... And I was right. : )

  6. Thanks, PAT! It's a situation I'm sure we can all identify with.

    Thanks, PB! That line was a pretty good attention-grabbing lead, don't you think? And yes, when I first looked at the image, all I could think about is the artist trying to paint it from a live scene.

    Thanks, Drenchxoxo! Indeed, once it comes, there's nothing left to do but embrace it.

    Thanks, Lexi! I think flash fiction, by its nature, is wonderful for capturing moments that would be lost among a larger story.

    Thanks, R! I'm glad you didn't stop reading at the first line. :)

  7. I read and reread the first line a couple time to be sure I was reading it right checked the post to be sure it was the FFF then figured it must be going some where good... it was. As you say its an place most guys have been in. Nice.

  8. Thanks, Big Geek! There is indeed a method to my madness (most of the time).