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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High/Low Captions #1

Connoisseurs of the adult blogosphere know that the captioned photograph is a popular theme. (Or is that "meme"?)  I've often enjoyed captioned photos as a reader and have intended to incorporate them more into Ecce Spanko for some time.  But I'm so indecisive.  As I look at any given photo, I can't decide whether to try to be poetic or cheeky.  So I'll hedge my bets and hope that you'll enjoy at least one of my takes on each image.

Sudden soft steps sensed behind, she turns.
Is she startled by her cat or by her lover?
Try as I may, I could not get a good shot of her pussy.

After a moment lost in imagined embrace,
the warrior returns to battle,
as much a tiger upon the court 
as a kitten betwixt the sheets.
I have a sudden urge to play volleyball right now.

In the midst of night,
a bird takes flight
as a feathering breeze delivers delight.
Okay, I concede that stroke was a little too hard.

Photo of leaping pussy courtesy of La Dolce Vita, original author unknown.
Photo of volleyball player courtesy of Pepe Boricua, Booty Hunter.  Original author unknown.
Photo of airbone, naked lady courtesy of Here to Stay, via Sexydeer.  Original author unknown.


  1. LOL! Great captions!

  2. Thanks, TS! I'm glad you enjoyed them and I hope to do more of these in the future. (another benefit of being on Tumblr!)

  3. That was great, the last one made me burst out laughing...

  4. Thanks, 1manview! I'm glad you enjoyed them and that I ended on a high note.