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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Limericks for Lurkers

For love of lurkers...

Lady in Belfast

There now lives a lady in Belfast.
She thinks that this blog's gone to hell fast.
  I try to be comical,
  With themes anatomical.
Perhaps I need more pics of swell ass.

A Lady Near Carson City

A lady lives near Carson City.
My take on the Bard she found witty.
  Well, tell me that, honey.
  And that it was funny,
Or e'en that my jokes are just shitty!

A Guy in North Somerset

There lives a guy in North Somerset.
No blog by a bloke will he comment at.
  Dude, it's okay.
  I won't think that you're gay.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that).

A Lurker in Manassas

A lurker who lives in Manassas
Likes one in my series Ekphrassis.
  I'm happy, I reckon,
  I hope it's the second.
Do tell! Don't just sit passing gases!

A Gal in St. Paul

There is a nice gal in St. Paul.
She likes my poem 'bout the wall.
  Say so, my dear,
  I'm happy to hear.
Did any read "Last Dance" at all?

A Reader near Boise

A reader that hails from near Boise,
She thinks that my page looks quite noisy.
  Critique it! Write shrewdly!
  I won't respond rudely.
It's not as though I'm from New Joisey!

(My apologies to the people of the great state of New Jersey for any offense that I may have caused.)

A Man from Nantucket

There once was a man from Nantucket.
He started a note then did chuck it.
  You're not painting Monets.
  Now grow some cojones!
I care enough that---oh, fuck it.

These limericks were composed for Love Our Lurkers, a wonderful tradition started by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts.  Love Our Lurkers is a chance for us bloggers to show our appreciation to those who read our site, but for whatever reason choose not to comment.  The other purpose, of course, is to encourage these lurkers to de-lurk: that is, to take the plunge and leave a comment.  So let me say that I am grateful for all the readers of my blog, be they participants or lurkers.  I hope that you enjoy what you find here.  If you lurk at Ecce Spanko, or are just stopping by now, please consider leaving a comment on this post and on any others you wish.  I consider most of my posts timeless, so there's no need to be hesitant about leaving comments on stuff I wrote a while ago.  Be sure also to visit the many other sites participating in LOL.

  • Photo of swell ass courtesy of Ass Attack!, author unknown.
  • Image composition of Shakespeare and spanked lady by Dioneo Daspanca.  I forget where the component images come from, except that the brush comes from the famous Norman Rockwell illustration.
  • Handshake frame from Predator, acquired from Google Images.
  • Photo of lady fishing by Andrew Lucas, via Tush.
  • Photo of lady standing at wall courtesy of Time Out! via MarQe's Study.
  • Photo of schoolgirl from SpankingScenes, via Poppy's Submissions.  Enhanced by Dioneo Daspanca.
  • Photo of man fishing off Nantucket acquired from Google Images.


  1. These are super, Dioneo!

    I don't comment often, but I always read. I think I can relate most to the man from Nantucket -- I begin the comment, get distracted, walk away, and forget what I was going to say, then chuck it. :)

  2. LOL! Enjoyed your photos and limericks. They were fun to read. Great job. Will come back to read the links you've included.

  3. Great job with the limericks!
    Been watching your blog for a while now and like what you do here! I'Ve added you to my link list!

    Keep up the good work :)


  4. Excellent limericks! I have popped in here time and again over the past couple of months but never commented (maybe once). De-lurking to say Happy LOL to you.

  5. Hi

    Happy LOL day! I'm a frequent visitor to your blog and always enjoy my visits here. Great limericks! I'll bet you get Chrossed for them!


  6. Loved the limericks. Happy LOL day.


  7. Great Stuff!!! Thanks for the comment..... I'm adding you to my blogroll


  8. LOL Dioneo:

    Here is a word smithing man
    Who writes with erotic elan
    He turns every phrase
    In ways that amaze
    And this lurker is glad that he can.

    Limericks are fun. Happy LOL day. I might have got mine up 1st, but yours are better. ;)


  9. Great blog and awesome limericks! Happy LOL day~Katia

  10. I just love a man who is clever, and if Limericks are involved, that's all the better. Happy LOL Day!


  11. Wow, a sincere thank you to all who commented! I feel loved! :)

    Thanks, Pink! I know what you mean. Comments are not trivial to write. Something about having your words permanently up on a site is always daunting. All of us bloggers know that, more than anything, it's a joy to have acknowledgment that people are actually reading through what you write--the content of what they say is secondary.

    Thanks, TS! Yes, I do hope people click through to some of the linked pages. Some of those posts could really use some love. BTW, I got your Wordpress blog to work on my Blogroll (still not sure what the problem was).

    Thanks, Chross! I'm glad you enjoy the site. I'm very honored that you've linked to me. It puts me in very good company!

    Thanks, B'Man! Happy LOL to you as well. I hope you enjoy what you find here that you'll return!

    Thanks, Hermione! I'm glad you enjoyed what I've cooked up. I'm honored by your vote of confidence on the limericks, but don't jinx it! ;)

    Thanks, Prefectdt! Happy LOL to you as well!

    Thanks, MarQe! And thanks for the add. I've likewise added you to mine (it was an oversight that I had not done so previously).

    Thank you so much, Patty! Your limerick really makes me feel special. :) And you definitely are quite the erotic wordsmith yourself!

    Thanks, Tammy! Happy LOL to you as well!

    Thanks, Katia! I'm glad you enjoyed the limericks. Happy LOL to you as well!

  12. Thank you, Bonnie! I'm glad you enjoyed the limericks and that I could contribute to this awesome day! Thanks for everything you've done to encourage me and so many other new bloggers out there.

  13. Thank you, R.R.! I'm glad that you enjoyed them and I hope that you'll return.

  14. Dioneo, loved the limericks and photos..best of all, after an awful week, loved the smile I could feel spreading over my face...



  15. Howdy Dioneo!

    Great limericks as usual. You know I love your blog! Sorry I haven't been present lately.

  16. Thanks, Raven Red! I'm glad you enjoyed both and I'm glad that I could brighten up your week a bit. A smile is a powerful tonic for much that ails. You're doing a fabulous job on your blog!

    Thanks, Cowgirl! I'm so glad you chimed in. I've missed you here. I'm glad to know that you're still enjoying what you read here. Regardless of how hectic life gets, be sure to know you have friends here.

  17. Great limericks, and some nice pictures of assists,,,

  18. Just came across your blog this evening... I'm not sure how I hadn't found it before. I love it. :)

  19. Thanks, 1manview! I'm glad that you enjoyed both the limericks and images.

    Thanks, Heather, and welcome! I'm still relatively new, so lots of people are still discovering. I hope you enjoy what you see and that you'll return!

  20. Those were fantastic! I'm not a lurker over here any more.

  21. Thanks, Kristi! I'm very glad you delurked!