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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ekphrassis 3 (Oletha)

Fear not, my nimble beauty, that sound is but a bear or beaver. There's nobody for miles but us. You are free to frolic as you please, to explore nature as a naturalist. The blues and greens of the river and woods provide an idyllic background for the paleness of your skin. The jagged edges of the rocks seem tamed by your graceful curves. Natural beauty among natural beauty.

You stand astride these rocks with long and luscious legs, two sides of an equilateral triangle with heaven atop. With those legs, could you straddle Gibraltar? I could surely think of no better entrance to the Mediterranean than that! I would love to sail through such a gate, tickling you with my flag as I pass by.

Relax, my precious, I'm quite sure we're alone. My my, how shy for an exhibitionist. I know, you want to save your secrets for me. Good girl. When we get to a nice spot, we'll have to stop for a bit and explore another of your secrets. Here in the woods, on the bank of the river, I'll find a rock where I can sit. You'll reveal yourself once again. You'll tell me about those desires you've hidden almost your entire life, those needs you've tried to suppress, to drown. Then, on this river bank, I'll provide you exactly what you have always been wanting.

Don't worry, my sweet, no one will hear or see but me. When I put you over my lap for your spanking, my eyes alone will feast on those supple cheeks. I'm the only one who will see your bare bottom amble through lovely shades of red. Only you and I will hear the slaps as my hand rains down on your butt. Only you and I will hear your whine dance among the rocks and see your tears flood the riverbank. And after your spanking, when, still across my lap, you scream in release as my fingers play, only we will be around to enjoy it. Only I will see the crinkles of your eyes and nose as you come, and only I will receive your deep, teary glare afterward as you thank me for giving you what you have always desired, for restoring your balance.

Photograph by Stefan Soell, courtesy of Best Bums in the World.


  1. This is so hot, and sweet and beautiful... When I started reading, I could never imagined you would finish it with a spanking!
    My favorite part: "...and only I will receive your deep, teary glare afterward as you thank me for giving you what you have always desired..."

  2. Thank you very much for the comment, R! I enjoy writing these. It's a safe bet that most (maybe not all) will have a spanking element.