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Friday, August 13, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday: Fusion

Across the floor, he spotted her nude form. Her body glowed in the wash of crimson light, a beacon in the darkened room, beckoning his approach. She said nothing as he neared, nor as he wrapped his arm around her belly. They now bask in one another, their bodies radiating in the cold emptiness of the room. As their temperatures rise, her sex melts over him and they become one, fused like molten steel in their ardent fuck. Their skin bleeds together as they rock back and forth in the glow. United, forged in passion, they stand apart from the world, a single flame in the darkness.

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Here was this week's prompt:
Your challenge for this Friday, 8-13-10, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 80-120 words. Since everyone seems to be enjoying the required phrases, please use this phrase in your submission: "...her body glowed in the wash of crimson light..."
Image courtesy of Carter Vaughn, via Erotic Flash Fiction.


  1. Her sex melts on him- very hot! Happy FFF!


  2. Gosh, this is beautiful. Your eloquence robs me of mine.


  3. wow, ardent fuck it is... I like the way you play with the words.

  4. Powerful stuff, D, powerful stuff. I loved the melting together; it's such an apt metaphor.

  5. Thank you, Katia and Lexi! I really liked the image that the "melting" brings to mind.

    Thank you, Pink! You have more than enough eloquence, so I'm happy to steal some of it.

    Thank you, R! I actually struggled with finding the right adjective here, but "ardent" seemed to fit the bill nicely.

  6. Loved everything in this passage. I echo comments above. Eloquent and vivid.


  7. "Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness," indeed. Except this flame is far more than a candle. I'm glad you're joining us for FFF these days!

    -- PB

  8. Thanks, Chocolate Puss! I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Thanks, PB! I enjoy being involved with FFF. I hope the flame continues to burn.