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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flash Fiction: Les Domestiques

The lady and her maids bathed in the afterglow of their sapphic festivity. One maid emerged from beneath her lady's dress, hair disheveled, still tasting on her pouty lips the juice from noble fruit. While the one had serviced under the dress, the other, taller maid had held her mistress, caressing her cheek and staring intently into her eyes, their noses touching, their breath warming each others' faces. She had watched her lady over the course of la petite mort, guiding her to death and back. The three women turned their heads to the mirror, the maids diverting their gaze from their lady to each other. Their panties were soaked in anticipation of her departure, though their eyes were somehow accusing each other of trying just a little too hard to win the young domina's affection.

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Here was this week's prompt:
Your challenge for this Friday, 8-20-10, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 87-137 words. Since everyone seems to be enjoying the required phrases, please use this phrase in your submission: "...their eyes were somehow accusing..."
Photo courtesy of Charles; artist and source unknown.


  1. Your offerings are swiftly becoming some of my favorites to read each week. I'm definitely glad you've joined us. Your command of the language is outstanding.

    Happy FFF!

    -- PB

  2. Outstanding, indeed.
    You write in a way that make me go inside the story, imagining clearly the intimacy and jealousy between the maids... It was a nice surprise, finding out they were looking to a mirror!

  3. I've got very little to say that hasn't already been said, but I loved the bit with the mirror; definitely a different take on it. Good work!

  4. OMG! Awesome reading, indeed. Love it!


  5. Lovely dear, simply lovely. Thank you for the read.

  6. Thanks, PB! I'm having a great time with FFF. It's always a challenge and a lot of fun.

    Thanks, R! What tipped me off to what was going on was that the maids had distinctly less relaxed facial expressions than the lady in the center.

    Thanks, Lexi! I was pleased with how the story worked with the mirror. For me, it simplified the story compared to introducing a fourth character.

    Thanks, CP and Rozewolf! It's always a pleasure to participate.