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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photo Haiku: Natural Red -- 1 of 7

Morning flame...
Tickle of steaming pond
Between her legs.
These times are especially busy for me and, as a consequence, my creative output has diminished (really, I couldn't even think of a good metaphor here). I figure that this is a good opportunity to introduce a new filler--er, feature to this blog. I do hope that you enjoy this series of photo-inspired haiku. Next week, this blog will return to its regular spanko content.

Photo "Golden" by Dmitriy Sharov, via Daily Redhead.


  1. I do enjoy your haiku!

    You call this filler? Bah! I'll show you filler, mister.

    (That sounded like a euphemism for something. Not intended.)

  2. I like haiku. I like yours. Great job. You haven't lost your creativity, despite your busy schedule.


  3. Thank you, Pink, 1manview, and CP!

    Pink, I think it reaches "filler" status in that I'm stretching the series out over a week: milking it for all it's worth (okay, that euphemism was intended).